Prime Minister Scott Morrison has used the cover of the Easter long weekend to announce his  Government’s plan, if re-elected, to bring back anti-worker legislation which will cut wages for millions of working people.

In comments on Saturday, Morrison confirmed that he would bring back all elements of the failed ‘IR Omnibus’ – a suite of laws which he gutted last year after being unable to win support in Parliament.

Morrison’s comments also tried to suggest unions and business agreed with the legislation – this is an outright lie.

The laws would further entrench wage cuts by removing basic protections that ensure working people do not go backwards on pay or conditions.

Working people have already suffered almost a decade of record low wage growth, the Morrison Government’s recent budget showed that workers could only expect further falls in real wages.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:

“People are under more pressure than ever to pay their bills with cost of living increases far outstripping pay rises. The average worker is going backwards in real terms every month, last year they went backwards $800.

“It is disgraceful we have living standards going backwards and now Scott Morrison has confirmed if re-elected he will keep attacking workers’ rights. The discredited laws he wants to bring back strip away some of the most basic protections working people have against pay cuts – such as the Better Off Overall Test.

“Unions have always opposed these laws because they would leave workers worse off. The Prime Minister has not done the work necessary to create wage growth and this announcement shows that workers will only continue going backwards if he is re-elected.”