The Prime Minister has described the system which stands between Australian workers and institutionalised wage theft as “administrative clutter”.

Addressing key Liberal Party donors at an event hosted by the Business Council of Australia the Prime Minister indicated that his Government’s union busting “Ensuring Integrity” Bill is just a prelude to his government stripping away the minimum wage and condition protections contained in awards.

Despite a recent report from PwC indicating the lack of union presence and strong enforceable laws is leading to wage theft across the economy Morrison’s speech yesterday indicated that he would follow up the anti-union Ensuring Integrity bill which severely punishes workers for protesting with a move to reduce the “administrative clutter” in the award system. 

Prime Minister Morrison used the event to call for the business lobby to run a campaign to help him convince the Australian public that reducing their wages and rights would be a good idea.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:

“It’s clear why Scott Morrison wants his Ensuring Integrity Bill that threatens workers with their union being shut down if they protest; it’s because in 2020 he wants to deliver to his big business donors by taking away workers’ rights.

“We already have record low wage growth and wage theft in almost every industry, affecting as many as one in five workers in some sectors. Now there is independent analysis telling the government the blindingly obvious, that less union presence and weaker laws are part of the problem.

“Despite this, Prime Minister Morrison is determined to pass union busting laws and yesterday he revealed why it is so important to him. He is delivering for his big business donors who are not satisfied with their record profits.

“Prime Minister Morrison has issued a call to arms for the big business lobby to sell to Australians that they are better off with less rights.

“All this in a week where two of the big banks have been exposed for record-breaking criminal wrongdoing. Despite their systemic criminal breaches Prime Minister Morrison refuses tackle corporate wrongdoing and is building up yet another attack on working people.

“If Scott Morrison thinks that any law will stop the union movement standing up for workers’ rights, he is making a serious miscalculation”