The Australian Services Union today secured an agreement with TPG that will allow IT worker Kamal El-Masri to take a prayer break at work in accordance with his Islamic beliefs.

After a campaign that had the backing of the broad union movement and all of Australia’s major denominations, the ASU and the company today agreed that:

  • Mr El-Masri would be allowed to take five minutes for an afternoon prayer
  • all formal work performance warnings against Mr El-Masri would be
  • the Friday lunch break time would be changed to accommodate his midday
    prayer. This was agreed after the TPG staff voted to change the lunch times to
    facilitate the Friday prayers
  • ASU Services assistant branch secretary Sally McManus praised the input of the Islamic Council of NSW, who played a mediation role today.

    “Today is a great victory for commonsense and fair play,” Ms McManus said.

    NSW Labor Council secretary John Robertson said it was significant that Kamal’s work colleagues had stood beside him during his struggle.

    “I think Australian workers do believe in a fair go,” Mr Robertson said.

    “Kamal only ever asked for a bit of flexibility; by standing together the TPG workers have won an important victory for diversity and understanding.”

    For more details call (ASU) Sally McManus on 0419 433419 or Greg Turner 0408 619265 or (Labor Council) John Robertson on 9286 1603 or 0407 457838 or Peter Lewis on 0413 873285