We want to tell Evan and Bella – the owners of The Pink Salt restaurant – that they cant expect Sydneys vote in the popular My Restaurant Rules TV reality show if they dont treat their workforce properly.

That’s the message from proud union members and their families across Australia, LHMU Hospitality Union NSW Secretary, Annie Owens, said today.

Two million union members, their families and supporters across Australia can
show what they think of individual employment contracts by sending an
e-mail message to the owners of The Pink Salt

Create a decent workplace if you want our vote by showing you respect your
employees .

Fair dinkum Superannuation fund

” If they’re not giving out pay slips; they’re not paying into a fair dinkum
superannuation fund; and they’re putting people onto secretive individual
employment contracts without any discussion – well that’s not decent in my
book,” Annie Owens said.

Ms Owens pointed out that no one goes voluntarily onto an individual
employment contract – that’s proved by the Government statistics which shows the
take up rate to be abysmal.

AWAs allow bad employers to ride roughshod

” These AWA individual employment contracts just allow bad employers to ride

” It results in conflict between everyone in the workplace, because everyone
has to fight for every dollar.

” And workers are constantly worried they are being short-changed.

” People on AWAs are often put into a sign-it-or-else situation. No union to
consult and get support and free, quality, independent advice,” Ms Owens said.

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Time and wages inspection

Already the NSW labour inspectors have been to visit The Pink Salt.

Here’s how the SMH reported the NSW Labor Government sending in inspectors to
look at the reality-TV restaurant’s time and wages
My restaurant breaks rules: reality TV show’s big pay slip

” Evan Hansimikali and Bella Serventi can only expect to win My Restaurant
Rules if they show as much respect to their workers as they show to the people
visiting their Manly noshery,” Annie Owens said.

Build a team with an open, transparent attitude to your

” Be open with the workforce – let them into the team game.

” Sit down with them and offer to negotiate a workplace agreement which
provides decency and transparency for everyone at the restaurant.

Respect the people helping you win the competition

” It shows you respect the people working with you, the people helping you
win this popular competition,” Annie Owens said.

” Tell the world you are delivering top-class food and a top-class atmosphere
by providing the very best workplace conditions that any restaurant can boast
about in our great city.

Safe, decent workplaces make great restaurants

” Tell the world you believe safe workplaces make great restaurants,” Annie
Owens said.

” That’s a real challenge to match the challenge of delivering fine food and
a relaxed, quality Manly atmosphere.

” Evan and Bella this is to tell you over the next few weeks we’ll be out
there promoting our e-mail

Show us why we should vote for you

” We’ll be asking that you show what I am sure is there, your decency, when
it comes to Stewart, the sous chef, and all the other people working for you in
this competition,” Annie Owens said.

” Offer transparency to the workforce. Offer a collective agreement.”

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