Unions will target up to one-hundred call centres across Australia as part of a week-long organising campaign starting today.

The combined union campaign is being co-ordinated by the ACTU as part of an international day of action for call centre workers around the world.

ACTU campaign coordinator Belinda Tkalcevic said the call centre industry was one of Australia’s fastest growing employers but was rife with poor employment practices.

The week of action will target workplace problems such as underpayment of wages, bullying, health and safety issues, discrimination and excessive monitoring of staff.

“Unions are working together to inform the more than 350,000 call centre workers in Australia that they have rights which should be respected at work,” Ms Tkalcevic said.

“The week of action will encourage employees to become active in their union to resolve workplace issues,” she said.

Workers at some call centres will be campaigning to be covered by the new Contract Call Centre industry Award ratified last month which provides pay rises of up to $1,000 per year.

Employees will also be able to report problems at work to the special union hotline for call centre workers on 1300 365 205.