Thousands of Australians will rally around the country in a National Day of Action today to protest against the Liberal Government’s attack on our living standards and rights at work.

Rallies will be held in Melbourne, Mildura, Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville, Mackay, Hobart, Launceston, Darwin and Tennant Creek. 

ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver said wages, conditions and rights at work are again under attack from the Abbott Government and employers.

“The Coalition Government is using the Productivity Commission inquiry into rights at work in an attempt to cut penalty rates, abolish the minimum wage, bring back unfair individual contracts and swing even more power to the employers,” said Mr Oliver.

“The community will not stand by while the Liberals take Australia in the wrong direction.

“Australians did not vote for cuts to Medicare, $100,000 university degrees, slashing the public sector, abolishing the minimum wage, cuts to penalty rates and rights at work.

“The community does not want to see the Americanisation of our society with growing inequality and an increase in the number of working poor, which is where the Coalition Government’s policies are taking us.”

“We will not stand by while Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey destroy the rights and protections the union movement and working Australians have built up over generations, and which shape the sort of society we are.

“Visiting the doctor or going to university should not depend on how big your bank balance is.

“All Australians have the right to a secure job with a decent wage and we will not leave the next generation with fewer rights than we have.

ACTU President Ged Kearney said unions are determined to kick the Liberal Government out at the next election.

“We made our voices heard in the Victorian and Queensland elections with one-term Coalition Governments and we can do it again with the Liberal Federal Government.”

“Instead of targeting those who can least afford it with cruel and unfair cuts – the Liberal Government needs to start creating jobs and investing in health, education, skills and training.

“The reality is Australians know there is no budget crisis and do not believe the budget must be balanced at the expense of universal health care, access to education, decent jobs and support for the vulnerable in our society.

“You can’t cut your way to economic growth and it’s time the Abbott Government realised that and started delivering policies that benefit the whole community – not just big business and the wealthy.”

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