ACTU President Sharan Burrow and ACTU Secretary Greg Combet issued the following statement for the National Day of Mourning (Sunday October 20) for victims of the Bali attack.

Like all Australians we have been deeply shocked, saddened and angered by the events of October 12 in Bali.

On this national day of mourning our thoughts and our prayers are with those who have lost family and friends in this tragedy.

The senseless and barbaric murder of so many Australians, particularly so many young people, is an outrage against our country, our way of life and against basic human decency.

We join with all Australians in condemning this act of terror.

Last weeks events have left their mark on every one of us and on our nation.

The generous, gentle and welcoming sprit of the Balinese people and the islands beauty has been special to many Australians.

Bali was an accessible and cherished destination for many working Australians in particular, be they families, honeymooners, team-mates relaxing at the end of a sporting season, or friends just enjoying a week away.

Our thoughts are also with the people of Bali.

They too have suffered a great loss as a community and as individuals whose family and friends have been killed or injured.

The ACTU supports the efforts of the Australian government and the international community to track down the perpetrators of this barbaric act and bring them to justice.

Australia must continue to play its part in the international fight against terrorism, now on our doorstep.

Our priority must be to ensure the security and safety of Australian citizens both here and abroad.

The ACTU is making a donation to the appeal for the victims of the Bali bombing and encourages affiliated unions to offer whatever support can be provided.