Ensuring Indigenous Australians receive better job opportunities and their employment rights are protected will be the focus of a national conference of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander workers to be held Mon. & Tues. (19-20 May).
Indigenous union members from across the country will convene in Adelaide as part of the Australian Council of Trade Union’s Indigenous Workers’ Conference.
Job creation opportunities arising from climate change and the protection of Indigenous employment rights will be among the items discussed at the conference.
The importance of both the public and private sectors adopting recruitment policies that promote cultural diversity as well as increased opportunities for traineeships and apprenticeships for Indigenous Australians will also be addressed.
ACTU President Sharan Burrow said:
“Much more needs to be done to improve the employment rights and job opportunities of Indigenous Australians.
“There is a serious need to bridge the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in terms of their workforce participation and career opportunities and all employers need to take some responsibility for helping achieve this.”
The conference is open to the media.
WHEN: Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 May, 9am – 5pm
VENUE: AEU South Australia Branch, 163 Greenhill Road, Parkside