Australians stand to benefit from new job opportunities in energy efficient and clean energy industries after the Senate last night approved the creation of an independent government body to provide finance for innovative, clean technology companies.

ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver said the Clean Energy Finance Corporation would play an important role in helping Australian clean technology companies to attract investment and commercialise their products.

“The flow on effects of this corporation will be good news for jobs, which has always been unions’ first concern in this debate,” Mr Oliver said.

“We’ve always said the Government’s approach to climate change must not only protect existing jobs but take advantage of the opportunity to create new jobs.

“The Clean Energy Finance Corporation will help take many great Australian clean technology inventions from the drawing board to the marketplace.

“This is an important piece of Government legislation, but we condemn the Opposition for their short-sightedness in voting against a plan that will help create many new jobs for Australians.

“Australia has many opportunities to share in a slice of the $6 trillion clean technology industry. This legislation will help Australian workers and businesses take advantage.”

“The Clean Energy Finance Corporation will assist the development of technology in Australia that reduces our carbon footprint and increases our export capacity at the same time.”