The bargaining reforms legislated in the Secure Jobs, Better Pay Act start today.

Workers and their unions will be able to pursue higher wages to support their members through a cost-of-living crisis, with the changes to bargaining laws allowing unions to bargain for agreements that will apply to several employers, in what is known as multi-employer bargaining.

These changes bring outdated bargaining laws into line to reflect the modern workplace.

From today the Fair Work Commission will also have additional powers to arbitrate over flexible work requests and extensions to unpaid parental leave, supporting workers and their families.

 Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:

“Many workers were locked out of a bargaining system designed for an economy that no longer exists.  Work has changed, and now our bargaining system is catching up.

“Whilst enterprise bargaining will continue, workers and employers now have options which will open up bargaining for so many that were missing out. This brings us in line with many other successful and fairer economies.

“What’s really pleasing about these laws is that the workers who need a pay rise the most, often female dominated industries like childcare and the community sector, can finally negotiate fair agreements that deliver them the pay rises they deserve”