Unions have welcomed the creation of a single national regulator of Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector as an important step towards higher standards in the sector.
The Council of Australian Governments has agreed to set up a new regulatory body that will begin operation in 2011.
ACTU President Sharan Burrow said this was an important reform that would help ensure that the highest levels of quality and enforceable standards apply across all states and territories.
She said it was hoped that eventually Victoria and Western Australia, who will continue to regulate providers in their own states, would see the virtues of a single national regulator.
“Vocational education and training is so important to developing skills to support Australia’s economic growth,” Ms Burrow said.
“The sector is also a major domestic and export industry.
“The sector has long been crying out for a single national regulator to maintain clear quality and enforceable standards for all participants in the national training system, regardless of their state or territory.
“The inefficiencies and confusion from eight different jurisdictions had passed their use-by date. No other major industry is without national regulation.
“This is a good outcome for students, their future employers, and the Australian economy,” Ms Burrow said.