Just what kind of budgies is Tony Abbott hiding in his speedos?
That’s the question posed by the ACTU’s latest video advertisement, which uses humour to raise awareness about the Coalition’s plans to bring back the worst aspects of WorkChoices, including removing unfair dismissal protections and reintroduce individual contracts.
The animated video goes online today as part of the ACTU’s ‘WorkChoices. Never Again’ election campaign.
‘Budgie Smuggler’ cheekily suggests that far from going away, ‘WorkChoices’ has been hidden in Tony Abbott’s red speedos.
Two devious budgies ‘Work’ and ‘Choices’ drop in on Tony and then make a quick move into their lycra home, causing Tony a little delight as well as embarrassment at his old friends re-appearance.
The video closes with the line “On August 21 you can make sure we never hear another peep out of WorkChoices”.
‘Budgie Smuggler’ is viewable on YouTube and the Your Rights at Work website.
ACTU President Ged Kearney said while the video poked fun at Tony Abbott, its message was serious and aimed to inform voters who may not be following mainstream media about the Coalition’s plans.
“Work Choices is an issue that the Coalition have done their best to avoid in this election.
“But we simply don’t believe that it has gone away for good. Tony Abbott’s fingerprints were all over WorkChoices and it is only a matter of time before he brings it back with a different name.
“Mr Abbott has committed publicly on many occasions this year to removing unfair dismissal protections for millions of workers and reintroducing individual contracts that would allow employers to cut pay and conditions. He has also said he wants to cut the minimum hours and pay for young casual workers.
“Yet since the election started, he’s tried going silent on the issue. Just what kind of budgies is Mr Abbott trying to smuggle?
Max Landrak, Creative Director at I.D.E.A.S. explained: “We were asked by the ACTU to contribute to their social media strategy by creating an online ad focussing on Work Choices.
“Thankfully, Tony Abbott has provided plenty of entertaining material for us to draw on. The trick was to be as cheeky as possible without being nasty.”

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