Women – already deeply dissatisfied with Scott Morrison’s performance as Prime Minister – want more action from the Federal Government to address rising costs of living, persistent low wage growth and unaffordable housing, according to new survey data released by the ACTU today. 

The ACTU’s ASK Survey shows that 51 per cent of working women are dissatisfied with the Morrison Government, compared to only 17 per cent who are satisfied. Women are also more likely than men to consider reducing the cost of living (59% vs 53%), increasing wage growth (33% vs 27%) and creating more affordable housing (40% vs 32%) to be key election issues. The survey included a demographically representative sample of 1001 voters.  

Women also expressed deep dissatisfaction with the Morrison Government’s approach to these issues, with 74 per cent dissatisfied with the Government’s approach to reducing the cost of living, 61 per cent dissatisfied with action to address low wage growth and 73 per cent dissatisfied with the Government’s approach to housing affordability.  

Quotes attributable to ACTU President Michele O’Neil: 

“Scott Morrison has been missing in action when Australian women needed him to address the crises in cost of living, wage growth and housing affordability. This data shows that women have had enough.

“Women were on the frontlines of the pandemic response in undervalued, underpaid sectors like health, aged and disability care and education. Now they are facing a cost of living crisis created by nearly a decade of low wage growth and now falling real wages under this Government. Women are doing it tough, are more likely to be low paid and in insecure jobs and they know they can’t afford another three years of this Prime Minister. 

“Scott Morrison can keep saying that he cares about women, but that doesn’t relieve the pressure of the cost of living crisis, He does nothing to deliver real pay rises, make Australian women safe in their workplaces, or make their jobs any more secure. 

“Australian women deserve a Government which will do the hard work to end the crises they are facing.”