The ACTU welcomes the passing of the Fair Work Amendment (Protecting worker entitlements) Bill 2023.

The Bill:

  • inserts the right to Superannuation in the national employment standards.
  • Improves unpaid parental leave rights by expanding the number of flexible parental leave days from 30 to 100 days and improve flexibility on how they can be taken and shared between parents.
  • Makes clear that the fair work act protections apply to temporary migrant workers and provides casual workers in the black coal mining industry with the same access to long service leave as permanent workers.

 Quotes attributable to ACTU President Michele O’Neil:

“Australia’s workplace laws need updating to protect workers from loopholes used by some big business to drive down wages and conditions.  The passing of this bill is an important step forward in that process.

 “Superannuation has finally been recognised in our workplace laws as a universal workplace right. All workers, with their union, will be able to enforce their superannuation rights and recover super that has been stolen from them. Millions of workers have around $5 billion of superannuation stolen each year, this measure will ensure more workers can retire with dignity and security.

 “The bill also ensures that migrant workers are entitled to the same entitlements and protections as all other workers in Australia.

 “The bill is also great for families, strengthening access to flexible unpaid access to leave means families can better share in caring responsibilities.

 Our workplace laws need to be fair and keep pace with changes modern workplaces.

 We welcome these updates to our laws that bring increased security to workers”.