Commonwealth Public Service boss John Lloyd has delivered a shocking speech attacking unions for opposing the alarming shift towards insecure work in the public sector.

The head of the APS argued that forms of insecure work like contracting, use of consultants and casualisation should be welcomed and slammed unions for standing in the way of his agenda.

The CPSU has a proud record of standing up for the rights at work of all commonwealth public sector workers, and will continue to oppose attempts by the Turnbull Government to undermine their job security.


Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:

“The Turnbull Government denies Australia has a job insecurity crisis. Yet in their own workforce, they are creating insecure work by forcing people out of good, steady jobs and into contracting, labour hire, consultancy and casual work.

“The public sector is setting an example for the private sector, by driving people into insecure work Mr. Lloyd and his backers in the Turnbull Government are exacerbating a national crisis of insecure work.

“The Turnbull Government has already made savage cuts across the public service, which we know have had significant impacts on delivery of vital services. It’s time this Government stood behind its employees and did something to protect jobs rather than cutting them.