Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has it within his power to immediately end the grounding of the airline’s fleet that has caused immeasurable disruption to Australians and should do so immediately.

ACTU Secretary Jeff Lawrence said Qantas management must reverse its reckless action for the sake of the Australian traveling public and the damage it was doing to the economy.

He said Mr Joyce should front up personally in Fair Work Australia this afternoon to justify why has taken such an extreme and irresponsible action.

“Airline passengers and businesses that rely on Qantas have the right today to feel very, very angry at what Alan Joyce and his board and management has done by its single-handed decision to ground the airline’s fleet,” Mr Lawrence said.

“This has stranded tens of thousands of passengers and will cause even more chaos tomorrow if he doesn’t reverse this decision.

“The cost to the Australian economy and to Qantas’ reputation cannot be measured.

“Let it be clear, one man, and one man alone, can immediately cease this disruption and that is Alan Joyce.

“He owes the Australian public an explanation for this pre-meditated and unwarranted escalation, and should do so at Fair Work Australia today.

“If it’s good enough for him to do press conferences and media appearances, then it’s good enough for him to appear at Fair Work Australia.”