An attempt to force through a non-union agreement at a childcare centre in Bundaberg Queensland has been firmly stopped by the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

“However the Bundy Y child care centre may get another bite at certifying the non-union agreement if the Queensland IRC is abolished under the Federal Government’s proposed anti-worker laws,” Queensland LHMU Child Care Union organiser, David Pullen, said today.

Sacked for shouting at child who was biting an infant

Earlier this year the same child care centre came to national attention
when an LHMU childcare union member walked away with a big payout after the Bundaberg centre sacked her for shouting at a child who was about to bite another infant.

Mr Pullen noted that the Bundy Y was given a good slapping by Queensland Commissioner Belades who said in handing down his decision: ‘The employer (YMCA) seems to have embarked upon a certification process with undue haste, it would seem to head off an attempt by the two unions to obtain an agreement.’

Commissioner Belades went on to say: ‘As it appears to me that there have been breaches of both sections 143(3) and 144(3) of the Act, I must not certify this agreement.’

Honour holiday and flexi-time arrangements

The Queensland LHMU Child Care Union has called on the YMCA City Y Childcare Centre to pay the $17 per hour offered under oath by the centre manager at the Commission.

The LHMU also calls on the centre to honour all part-time holidays and flexi-time arrangements.

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LHMU Child Care Union Bundaberg Organiser David Pullen said, “The General Manager refused to meet with the unions and argued that this agreement does not pass the basic tests under Queensland Laws.”

Creating job insecurity

Mr Pullen added there were real concerns that the employer may now wait for a while until new anti-worker Federal laws come in.

“The YMCA has less than 100 employees and wanted to register an agreement that takes away public holidays from part-time employees who are not required when the centre is closed,” Mr Pullen said.

Print off and pass around this flyer on the Qld pay equity case

Don’t sign away Pay Equity in Children’s Services

Childcare pay equity claim

The Queensland LHMU Child Care Union is claiming increased wages for Children’s Services Professionals through the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission in a pay equity case that is already underway.

The union is also attempting to have wages recovered for a permanent employee who did not get paid for public holidays when the centre was closed.

“In the meantime the Queensland Council of Unions has initiated an education campaign and will consider further action in Bundaberg to follow up a protest it had convened in front of the Bundy Y Childcare Centre a month ago.”

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