The Morrison Government has announced for the third time in as many months, that the cost of some RATS may be tax deductible. This is not a viable alternative to making them free and accessible for all. 

It is wrong to suggest that workers who need RATs to be safe in their workplace should be paying for these tests. Like any other piece of essential safety equipment they must be provided by employers.

Outside of workplaces, tests should be free and accessible because they are one of the best tools we have to control the spread of the virus. This is the Morrison Government once again attempting to shift the cost of the response to this pandemic on to workers.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison must make Rapid Antigen Tests free and accessible for all, and he must do it now.

“The cost of RATs are edging up towards $20 per test. For a family wanting to catch up with elderly relatives this could be $100 per visit.

“For business confidence to return and jobs to return, people need to have the confidence to go to restaurants, pubs and to catch up with others. RATs give people confidence.

“It is wrong for the Prime Minister to suggest workers who are required to test for work must pay for this themselves. He must clarify that this cost must be borne by employers, or better still, announce free tests for all.”