Rates of gig economy work have been increasing, and this type of work is just one part of the expansion of insecure work in Australia according to the damning findings of a landmark report into the so-called gig economy in Victoria released today and welcomed by the ACTU.

The report reveals that employers have used apps to deliberately deny workers their basic rights, including minimum wages, sick days and protections against being unfairly dismissed.

The ACTU has called on the Morrison Government to act to protect people in insecure work, saying they have the ability to tighten legislation to ensure employers’ compliance with workplace laws.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:

“At the moment so called-gig economy workers have less rights than workers 100 years ago. They deserve the same rights as all other Australian workers.

“By allowing these workers to be exploited by their employers and by the so-called gig economy system, our Government is not only turning their back on the workers and their families, but is also creating an unfair system for employers who have to compete against these companies.

“These companies are racing to the bottom by deliberately eroding workplace rights and protections for workers.

“Insecure work is rampant in Australia. This report demonstrates that insecure work arrangements go beyond just casual employment.

“Each and every form of insecure work is a danger to the economic safety and security of Australian workers and should be urgently addressed by the Morrison Government.”