Statement from Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) Secretary Sally McManus in response to the Australian Retailers Association:

“You don’t fix wage theft with EFTPOS.”

“You fix it by giving working people more power to enforce their rights get their stolen wages back and by putting in place serious disincentives for employers.”

“The Australian Retailers Associations’ comments show they have no intention whatsoever of ending wage theft.”

“Caltex, Pizza Hut and 7/11 have eftpos, but according to the Fair Work Ombudsmen, they’ve stolen wages.”

“7/11 systematically underpaid thousands of workers, estimated at over $110 million in stolen wages.”

“Once caught, 7/11 pretended to pay full wages, then forced workers to pay back portions of their wages in cash. An internal survey found 69% of franchises had payroll issues. The business model was based on wage theft. Some franchises physically threatened workers who complained. That’s not going to be fixed with EFTPOS.”

“The ARA are not serious about addressing wage theft.”

“People are demanding we change the rules for working people so big corporations can’t steal wages.”

“Australian Unions won’t stop until we change the rules for working people so corporations stop stealing wages.”