The peak body for working people has condemned the revamped Trans-Pacific Partnership as a raw deal for working Australians, calling for a Senate Inquiry into the agreement before any further action is taken.

The full text of the deal was released Wednesday afternoon after being negotiated in secret by Turnbull Government representatives and corporate advisors.

The release of the text confirmed companies wanting to bring in workers from Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Mexico and Chile will be able to do so without ever having to advertise the jobs to Australians.

This violates the Turnbull Government’s promise that Australians would be first when it came to working in our country.

The agreement also allows foreign companies to sue Australian governments for making decisions such as the plain packaging laws that have seen smoking rates plummet.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Assistant Secretary Scott Connolly:

 “This is a bad deal for working people and a win for corporate power. It lets companies exploit temporary workers without ever having to offer jobs to people in Australia. 

“It will cut the pay and limit the opportunities of working Australians in a huge range of occupations.

“The Turnbull Government promised to put Australians first when it comes to work, but this deal puts us last.

“The Turnbull Government must stop trading away our jobs, wages and opportunities for corporate profits.”