The Trade Union Royal Commission has again proved it is a political operation designed to push the government’s agenda by releasing a discussion paper to the media before its public release.

This Royal Commission has no claim to independence, impartiality or adherence to transparent due process.

Reports today suggest that the Royal Commission’s discussion paper recommends various news laws that align closely with Liberal Party policies including undemocratic ‘move on’ laws that have been supported by the Liberal Party but rejected by the electorate and those in the Registered Organisations Bill just recently rejected by Commonwealth Senate.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver 

“The Abbott Royal Commission is a fundamentally political exercise.

“Every Liberal Prime Minister since Billy McMahon has had at least one Royal Commission into trade unions – it’s their attack of choice against their political enemies.

“Our consistent view is that this Royal Commission is about attacking the ability of unions to deliver outcomes for working people – jobs, wages, conditions and safety.

“The trade union movement is committed to strong, democratic and accountable unions and without effective unions, employment conditions in Australia would go backwards.”