The ACTU welcomes Labor’s proposal to defer John Howard and Peter Costello’s proposed tax cuts for high income people already earning more than $3,500 a week and invest this money in the education of Australian children.
Under Labor’s tax plan announced today, working families with both parents on average earnings and two children in school get a tax cut of almost $70 a week (same as the Liberals promise) and an additional tax refund for education expenses equal to $22 a week.
These working families will get overall tax relief and help with education costs of $4,725 a year or around $92 a week under Labor’s plan.
Labor’s commitment to spend more on improving hospital services and reducing waiting lists for elective surgery will also improve the public health system.
Labor has also committed to help all workers by scrapping Work Choices and safeguarding penalty rates, overtime pay, redundancy pay and other workplace rights, including protection from being sacked unfairly.
ACTU President Sharan Burrow said:
“Labor’s education tax refund, along with its commitment to get rid of Work Choices is good for working families and good for Australia’s future.
“It ensures Australia’s prosperity will be more equally shared by the many and not just the few, and will assist working families to invest in their children’s and our nation’s future.
“Under Rudd Labor, working families will get help with education costs, better health services, significant tax relief, and no Work Choices,” said Ms Burrow.