Whilst Australian workers face uncertainty and financial stress in the face of the coronavirus crisis, The Morrison government and business have been working to strip them of access to sick leave and other entitlements.

Rather than throwing its full weight behind ensuring workers are supported through the emergency, it’s been revealed that Scott Morrison is spending tax-payers money to fight court battles that would strip ordinary Australians of their sick pay.

The Morrison government has spent more than $250,000 to help a multinational corporation reduce access to sick leave from workers. 

 If you work ten hour shifts each day you should get 10 hour sick leave days. It’s a simple proposition all workers understand – a days work is a days work.

The government has also splashed out $280,000 to help a multinational company deny ongoing employees with regular shifts access to sick leave by trying to have them treated as “casuals”.

And the Australian Industry group is advising airlines owned by foreign governments to insert clauses into agreements that would give the company power to force people to take unpaid leave.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus

“The Morrison government only listens to the demands of big business and their donors. This is why they are spending over half a million dollars of taxpayer money to strip workers of sick leave.”

“At a time when Australians are looking for leadership and support during a crisis, Scott Morrison is putting his priorities first and telling Australians to fend for themselves.

“We’ve seen this film before.

“The Morrison government is all about itself and working Australians are paying the price.”