The ACTU renewed its call for national laws guaranteeing 100% of employee entitlements after the Federal Government today signalled the abolition of the Ansett ticket tax.

Federal Transport Minister John Anderson today told ABC Radio that the Government was considering abolishing the Ansett ticket levy within months.

ACTU Secretary Greg Combet said that abolishing the tax confirmed union concerns that none of the proceeds of the levy would be paid to sacked Ansett workers.

“Mr Andersons plan to abolish the Ansett levy as quickly as possible confirms union criticism that it was a policy disaster for sacked workers who have been short changed,” Mr Combet said.

“The Government has been caught out pocketing the Ansett tax while refusing to hand over the proceeds to redundant Ansett workers. No wonder they want to get rid of the negative publicity.

“John Howard should clean up this policy mess by legislating for a low-cost insurance-style scheme guaranteeing 100% of all employee entitlements so taxpayers do not have to bail out failed companies.”

Mr Combets solicitors are examining a defamatory media release issued yesterday by Mr Andersons office headlined “More ACTU Lies on the Ansett Ticket Levy”.

Mr Combet said the truth of the ACTUs public comments on the Ansett ticket levy is confirmed by Mr Andersons newfound eagerness to abolish the tax.