The ACTU welcomes the interim report and recommendations of the Senate Committee inquiry into a Just Transition for workers in the coal fired power sector.                                                               

Quotes attributable to ACTU Assistant Secretary Scott Connolly:

“We are pleased to see that the committee has supported our call for an independent statutory authority to oversee the transition of the energy sector and help to ensure long-term employment for workers.”

“We know that this model has been very successful in Germany, where a coal-mining industry that once employed hundreds of thousands has been effectively closed without a single forced redundancy, and with opportunities for workers to access early retirement, retraining and industry re-deployment.”

“We should not settle for any less in Australia and we call on the Federal Government to look at the recommendations passed down by the committee and develop a national plan that ensures a future for the workers in the electricity sector.”

“Earlier this month, 750 Hazelwood workers found out that they would lose their jobs come March 2017 and it is not too late to support these workers and the Latrobe Valley community.”

“We urge all levels of government and industry to work together to help support these workers by exploring options for all powers stations in the Latrobe valley to pool redeployment opportunities, and diversify the region’s economy by supporting investment in new and existing industries to create new employment opportunities.”