The Morrison Government’s decision to sneak out the appointment of two new employer advocates to the Fair Work Commission, on a Saturday afternoon, the week before Christmas, demonstrates the contempt that Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his Government have for working people.

Scott Morrison had a choice with these appointments. He could have chosen to appoint advocates to the FWC who would stand up for working people. Instead, he once again chose to appoint advocates who will stand up for big business.

The appointment of the former CEO of labour hire operator Workpac to the FWC proves yet again that Mr Morrison doesn’t have working people’s back on the cancer of insecure work, which is plaguing this country, hurting working people and holding back the economy.

During recent hearings in Newcastle, the Senate Select Committee on Job Security heard that Workpac, which employs workers on insecure, casual labour hire contracts, is now the single biggest employer in the coal mining industry.

The same inquiry also heard that labour hire workers earn $40,000 to $50,000 less than directly employed workers for doing exactly the same job.

Today’s announcement comes just days after the Government’s MYEFO confirmed that Prime Minister Scott Morrison will deliver working people a pay cut for Christmas, with real wages set to be outstripped by inflation.

The timing of today’s announcement indicates that Mr Morrison and his Government are ashamed and embarrassed by their failure to stand up for working people. Good – they should be.