The following quotes are attributable ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:

“This is a win for the hundreds of union members who spoke up at the Queensland Government labour hire licensing inquiry. Their efforts have made a real difference for working people.”

“The Federal Government must immediately introduce a national licensing scheme to protect all insecure labour hire workers.”

“The Queensland Government is taking action to regulate labour hire practices — the Federal Government needs to stop sitting on its hands and do the same.

“Dodgy labour hire companies routinely rip off workers and keep them in a state of fear for their job so that they cannot speak up about safety issues or their rights at work.

“About 40 per cent of workers are now in casual or contract employment. Cowboy labour operators are rife, and workers and their families miss out. We need new laws that protect these workers and afford them the same bargaining power that permanent employees have.”

“Workers covered by an enterprise agreement should not be able to be sacked and replaced with labour hire workers at much lower rates of pay and worse conditions under labour hire arrangements.”

“People deserve good, steady jobs that provide them and their family with security and the ability to plan for their future, get finance for their first home and provide for their family.”