As has been reported today, the IR working groups process has entered a new phase of bilateral meetings between the various parties and the Morrison Government.

The union movement has abided by the confidentiality agreement covering the discussions and we will not be discussing the details of the talks until they are finished.

We remain hopeful that an agreement can be reached which will benefit working people and the national interest.

However, it has become obvious that a number of employer lobby groups no longer wish to respect the confidentiality agreement or engage with this process in good faith.

It is apparent that some entered this process not wanting to reach common ground and advance the national interest, but simply to use the opportunity to undermine working people’s rights at a time of unprecedented national crisis.

The union movement is committed to ongoing discussions on behalf of working people, and reiterate our position that the national interest will be served by ensuring workers have decent rights and secure jobs in a growing economy.  

We continue to believe that agreements can be reached that benefit working people as well as business, and urge the various employer groupings to put the national interest first.