This morning’s announcement that 6000 Qantas workers will lose their jobs, and a further 15,000 workers will continue to be stood down is deplorable and premature from Alan Joyce, and further evidence of Scott Morrison’s callous disregard for working people.

Qantas brands itself as being the spirit of Australia but the truth is it has abandoned Australia and its workers at their time of greatest need.

Our thoughts are with all Qantas workers and their families today at this incredibly difficult time.

Alan Joyce has abandoned Qantas workers and chosen to cut them off in order to preserve profits.

Instead of cutting workers’ jobs and continuing standdowns, Alan Joyce should redouble efforts to secure urgent government intervention in the aviation industry and the extension of JobKeeper, and look to draw on reserves including existing subsidies.

The Morrison Government has allowed these job losses to happen.

Scott Morrison’s ongoing refusal to extend JobKeeper to aviation workers has crippled the industry and left thousands of workers without any support.

Scott Morrison must act immediately to extend JobKeeper, deliver a direct and urgent industry assistance package, and convene crisis talks immediately.

Further inaction will be only be disastrous for the aviation industry and the thousands of Australians who rely on Qantas for employment.