Statement from Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) Secretary Sally McManus:

“The ACTU stands with the 500 pathology workers forced to strike after a long and bitter pay dispute with their employer, Dorevitch Pathology.

The workers took legal protected industrial action. Dorevitch responded by locking out 76 workers for daring to ask for a pay rise.

These workers are amongst the lowest paid pathology workers in Australia and deserve a raise. Despite waiting a decade and bargaining for over a year, Dorevitch Pathology has offered a zero dollar increase.

Corporate greed knows no bounds; Dorevitch’s owner, Primary Health, posted an estimated $1.2 billion in profits since the last pay deal. Meanwhile these worker’s wages have gone backwards in real terms.

The outrageous zero offer points to a business model that relies on ripping off workers to increase profits.

The rules that are meant to protect us are broken. These workers deserve much better. The rules need to change.”


Media contact: ACTU Media 03 9664 7315 or Peter Green 0400 764 200