The leadership team of Sally McManus, Michele O’Neil, Scott Connolly and Liam O’Brien were re-elected by the ACTU Congress today. The ACTU Congress is the supreme decision-making body of the Australian union movement, representing more than 30 affiliates and nearly 1.8 million members.

The team were elected unopposed and issued the following statement:

“We are totally focused on supporting working people who are currently facing both an economic and health crisis with the virus not being suppressed in parts of our country.

“Working people can know that Australian unions will have their back and will do everything within our power to ensure they have the economic and health and safety support they need to get them through this. We will also work to push for all Australians to have the opportunity to be vaccinated as soon as possible, including working with all others who share this goal.

“We understand the particular challenges casual and other insecure workers face during the pandemic and will work tirelessly to have them addressed. We also commit ourselves to campaigning for permanent, long term change so all Australians who want a secure job can get one. We do not accept that some workers have less rights than others and want a legacy of this pandemic to be action from Governments to address job insecurity. We will always fight to defend workers’ rights and for equality of all people.

“The ACTU leadership team appreciates the united support of all unions in continuing to do our job. We commit to working tirelessly in the service of working people.”