The Victorian Trades Hall Council Womens Committee has launched a survey investigating the issue of violence against women in the workplace.

The survey is the result of a preliminary investigation by the Committee into the major issues confronting women at work.

Respondents to the preliminary investigation overwhelmingly identified violence, harassment and bullying as outstanding problems confronting women at work.

VTHC Women’s and Equity officer Ellen Kleimaker said that there had been no significant research conducted into the prevalence and effects of women’s experience of workplace violence.

“We know that it is happening but we don’t know the differences between industries and we don’t know who the perpetrators are. We don’t know whether recent industrial relations changes have had an impact.”

The survey and a wider campaign focussing on violence against women in the workplace will continue into 2004.

Ms Kleimaker said the survey results would feed into the Brack’s Government’s State-wide Women’s Safety Strategy.

The VTHC Women’s Committee will host a conference next year to report back on the survey results with the aim of developing prevention and intervention strategies.

Women who have experienced bullying, harassment or violence at work are encouraged to complete the survey which can be obtained by contacting Ellen Kleimaker on (03) 9659 3575 or 0408 339 720. A copy of the survey can also be downloaded from the VTHC website

Download a copy of the VTHCs;

Violence Against Women In The Workplace leaflet in pdf

Campaign Violence Against Women in the Workplace Issues Paper in rtf.

Women and Violence Bullying, Harassment and Inappropriate Behaviour At Work Survey in pdf.