The TCFUA yesterday launched an international email campaign against Hugo Boss after the closure of the Australian manufacturing facility, which makes their men’s suits.

120 workers (members of the Textile Clothing & Footwear Union of Australia), 95% of whom are migrant women, were sacked after the company took an option to purchase the remaining 50% of the Australian subsidiary company from Flair Menswear.

‘Hugo Boss and Flair Menswear ignored legal obligations to consult workers and engaged in a secret deal to destroy Australian manufacturing jobs,’ the Victorian Secretary of the TCFUA, Ms. Michele O’Neil, said today.

‘Hugo Boss claim on their website that ‘It is people and their emotions that epitomise our world of Hugo Boss’. Their behaviour is not only heartless but also hypocritical’.

‘The company strategy to build brand loyalty sits in stark contrast to the lack of loyalty and respect shown to 120 hardworking garment workers’. Ms O’Neil said.

The TCFUA will be advertising their campaign on a range of international websites. Consumers and supporters are being encouraged to email their concerns to:

The workers have maintained a 24-hour a day protest at the Hugo Boss factory in Preston since the 4th March 2002, seeking to have discussions about saving jobs and improving the redundancy package for workers, some of whom have up to 39 years of service.

The TCFUA is also calling for immediate action from the State and Federal Governments to help save the jobs. ‘To date neither Government has acted to try and save these jobs, their immediate intervention is required.’ Ms O’Neil said.

For further information contact: Michele O’Neil 0419 338 853