Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) report Faces of Unemployment finds more than half of those experiencing unemployment who later find work are subject to work insecurity.

The report also finds that unemployed people receiving Newstart and the Youth Allowance are far more likely to obtain part-time or casual jobs than full time permanent jobs.

Too many Australian workers are being cornered into casual and insecure jobs. The Morrison Government is giving employers a free pass to hire increasing numbers of Australian workers on casual contracts which means they can avoid paying proper entitlements, like annual leave.

Today’s ACOSS  report reiterates data from the Centre for Future Work that less than half of Australian workers hold a standard job, that is permanent full-time paid with leave entitlements. Australian workers experience some of the highest rates of insecure work in the developed world.


Quotes attributable to ACTU President Michele O’Neil:

“More and more Australians are stuck in long-term unemployment and for those that can find a job; chances are it will be insecure work.

“It is clear the Morrison/Turnbull/Abbott Government has sat by while long-term unemployment and the growing epidemic of insecure work have become entrenched.

“To then come out of long-term unemployment and find yourself in insecure work is equally as damaging. This Government needs to end the cycle of unemployment and insecure work that is plaguing too many communities across Australia.

“We need to ensure that unemployed people and workers in insecure jobs are not living in poverty by changing the rules to end the misuse of casual and contract categories of work and lift the level of Newstart.

 “For too long employers have tried to cut corners by hiring people as casuals but never providing the opportunity of permanent employment so they can deny them their proper leave entitlements.”