More than 100,000 people have visited the LHMU Hospitality Unions The Pink Salt protest campaign site – and it’s only been going a little over a week.

It seems they want to show they don’t like the AWA individual employment
contracts Evan Hansimikali and Bella Serventare have offered their great
restaurant staff.

The Pink Salt in-box is now chocka with protesters telling Evan and Bella
that if they want Sydney’s vote in the TV-reality show My Restaurant Rules then
they’d better create a better team-work relationship in their Manly noshery.

We know that some 60,000 people searching for The Pink Salt or My Restaurant
Rules on Google have seen the LHMU Hospitality Union’s sponsored link explaining
what all the fuss is about.

Several hundred have now clicked thru from Google to our website to read all
about it.

Join this campaign today

Send an
LHMU e-mail protest message today to the owners of The Pink Salt

Web-chatter everywhere

Several weblogs around the country are also carrying great articles about
this blue.

A number of other websites are hosting the LHMU Hospitality Union’s e-mail
protest form.

And the on-line newsweekly have nominated Workers Online Evan Hansimikali and
Bella Serventare are their Tool of
the Week

AWAs not popular in restaurant and café

Meanwhile the Office of the Employment Advocate, the government agency
charged with promoting AWA individual employment contracts tried to get into
this debate on the side of The Pink Salt people.

In a letter to the SMH they boasted to readers that 37,000 AWAs have been
approved for restaurants and cafes in the last three years.

That is not a great result!

It works out at less than 1% of people working in an industry, which has a
high turnover and an estimated half-a-million workers.

Evan blasts labour inspectors

After the labour inspectors swooped down on The Pink Salt Evan
Hansimikali was an unhappy boss.

Labour inspectors check everyone plays by the book – that the laws to ensure
a fair and safe workplace are obeyed.

How did Evan react? In a snide aside he told a million-plus TV viewers that
he thought the inspectors were ” a waste of tax payers money.”

But then Evan doesn’t have much time for the people who ensure fairness and

This week he got caught out trying to run a raffle to increase revenue –
before he found out that it was illegal.

To make sure raffles are not an exercise in cheating the ordinary punter we all have to get the OK from the right government people.

But then, hey, maybe Evan thinks this is also a ” waste of taxpayers money.”

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