The processing of speeding fines and traffic infringements for Victorian motorists will cease today (Monday 28th February) as 120 administration workers at Tenix Solutions take protest action over their right to choose to be covered by a collective enterprise agreement in their workplace.

Tenix solutions is making 120 administration workers at their Spencer Street
office sign an individual contract if they want a pay increase, even though an
independent ballot conducted by the AIRC (Australian Industrial Relations
Commission) found that 83% of Tenix workers said they opposed individual
contracts (AWA’s) and wanted to be covered by a collective agreement.

Greg Combet, ACTU Secretary said:

“All these workers want is the right to choose what type of agreement
they are covered by. Why should they be forced to sign an individual contract
when almost every single one of them has expressed their preference for a
collective agreement?

“Forcing workers onto individual contracts isn’t about choice its
about workplaces where Australians are forced to work harder and longer for
less, that’s bad for employees their families and even their

Ingrid Stitt, Secretary of the Australian Services Union, which is
representing the Tenix employees, said:

“The individual contracts the company is trying to get them to sign are
not about meeting the needs of the individual workers its about stopping them
having a real say and real voice in the workplace.

“We are calling on the company to listen to the employees and respect
the decision they have made. It is time Tenix sat down with the union and
negotiated a fair collective agreement.

“These employees have never taken industrial action before but feel so
strongly about their rights to respect and a say in their workplace they are
taking industrial action today,” said Ms Stitt.

A Local workplace delegate from Tenix said:

“I thought Australia was a democracy. More than 80% of my workmates
have voted that they want a fair collective agreement. But our employer can
just say no. I think that’s unfair, un-democratic and

Protest in support of Tenix

Where: City Compliance Office, 120 Spencer Street
Speakers: Greg Combet, ACTU Secretary
Ingrid Stitt,
Secretary of the Australian Services Union

Media Contacts: Greg Combet, ACTU Secretary via Susannah Greenleaf: 0418 479
Ingrid Stitt, Secretary Australian Services Union: 0418 357 440

ACTU & ASU Media Release Issued Monday 28th February