The ACTU has backed Indigenous calls for a Treaty as the next step in delivering justice for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people.

In comments marking national Sorry Day commemorations today, ACTU President Sharan Burrow said a treaty should be the next step in the process of reconciliation.

“As we take the next steps today in the journey of healing commemorating Sorry Day, there is unfinished business between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians,” Ms Burrow said.

“A treaty is the next step.

“A treaty as an agreement between all of us will provide a fundamental basis of understanding and commitment to the distinct rights and independent aspirations of the first Australians.

“A treaty is also of value to non-Indigenous Australians by involving our whole community and its institutions in a positive move away from the systematic injustices of the past and towards a better future.

“On this day and at the beginning of this week of reconciliation, unions commit themselves to solidarity and support to ensure justice for Indigenous workers, their families and their communities,” Ms Burrow said.

National Reconciliation Week runs from tomorrow, May 27, the anniversary of 1967 referendum, to June 3, the anniversary of the High Court’s Mabo decision.

Details of Sorry Day activities taking place around Australia today are available from the Journey of Healing website at: