The ACTU has launched a new series of TV ads ahead of the federal election today featuring working people who responded to a casting call and were interviewed about how their lives are affected by the current rules at work.

The people featured in the campaign come from a cross section of society. They range in age from 20 to 60. Some were primarily actors, some were not. They all had other work of some sort. Some were juggling up to five jobs. They were tradies, transport workers, mining workers, bar managers, swim teachers.

They were asked a very simple question: How are things going for you right now? Their answers show why we need to change the rules so working people have fair pay and more secure jobs.

This campaign reflects the truth of the lives of far too many working Australians today and shows what the future will look like if we do not change the government and change the rules at work.

Scott Morrison is taking us down a path to low paid, insecure jobs where for most working people, every day is a struggle to make ends meet.

This election, we need to change the Government and change the rules.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:

“This campaign shows the truth of working life for far too many Australians. This is a truth Scott Morrison does not appear to care about. Under his Government, people don’t have jobs they can count on to live and plan good lives. This is not the kind of country we want to be, nor is it the Australia of the fair go”.

“The campaign shows that we have a choice about the future for working people in Australia. We can continue down the low-pay, insecure American path, or we can change the Government and change the rules to win a fair go for working people.

“Scott Morrison denies we have a problem with too many insecure jobs so he has no plan to fix it. He also has no plan to fix record low wage growth. Yet these issues are dominating the lives of most working people and their families.

“We have an opportunity to stop the erosion of our rights, to win fair pay and secure work, and ensure that future generations do not have declining living standards while the only people experiencing a comfortable life are the extremely rich.

“We have an opportunity this election to change the government, change the rules and win fair pay, more secure jobs and better lives.”

See the advertisements here: