The ACTU has launched radio ads this week following on from print advertising last week calling on Senator Rex Patrick and Centre Alliance to stand up for working people and block the Ensuring Integrity bill.

Senator Patrick and Centre Alliance must stand up for South Australian nurses, teachers, childcare workers, public servants, bus drivers, sparkies, plumbers, aged care workers and millions of other working people who will lose out when unions face deregistration for taking a ten-minute protest action or submitting paperwork late.

Centre Alliance have two of the deciding votes on this legislation and can send a strong signal to the Morrison Government that they will stand up for the rights of working people and not allow this government’s hatred of unions dictate industrial relations policy.

The reported proposals by Centre Alliance to amend the legislation do not address the fact that the bill is fundamentally about attacking unions – all unions – and eroding workers’ rights.

No amendments to this bill will prevent it from making workplaces less safe and making it harder for all working people to win pay rises.

Quotes attributable to ACTU President Michele O’Neil:

“We are asking Senator Patrick and Centre Alliance to put working people first and vote to block the Ensuring Integrity bill.

“We understand that Centre Alliance are trying to negotiate amendments which they believe will fix this bill, our message to them is that this simply isn’t possible.

“The Morrison Government is trying to make a historic strike against workers’ rights. Centre Alliance must stand on the right side of history and defend the millions of workers will have their rights stripped under this bill.

“Under Ensuring Integrity, working people will lose power in their workplaces, making it even harder to get pay rises and raise concerns about safety.

“This bill is motivated by fanatics in the Government’s ranks and would put us out of step with developed economies and in breach of our international obligations. We urge Centre Alliance to vote to block this extreme and dangerous legislation.”