Australian unions welcome the appointment of Justice Iain Ross to head Fair Work Australia.

ACTU Secretary Jeff Lawrence said Justice Ross was an extremely experienced and widely-respected judge who was well-equipped to perform this important role.

“Justice Ross will take to the new role with a great amount of goodwill and respect from unions and employers,” Mr Lawrence said.

“He is a highly-distinguished judge, with extensive experience in dispute resolution, employment, and workplace relations law, who has earned this position based on his merit.

“Judge Ross is someone Australian workers can trust to treat each issue that comes across his bench with impartiality and fairness.

“During his previous service as a Vice President of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, he had widespread respect from all sides.

“The other appointments made today reflect an even balance between representatives of unions and business. Their experience is vast and varied.”

Mr Lawrence also acknowledged the contribution of Justice Geoffrey Giudice over more than a decade as the President of Fair Work Australia and its predecessor.

“Over more than a decade on the bench, Justice Giudice has shown total integrity in the performance of his duties.

“Australian unions wish him the best in his retirement.”