ACTU volunteers will be making 20,000 calls to voters across 34 marginal electorates this weekend, as Unions’ election campaign swings into full gear.

The two day Telethon will see 600 volunteers speaking with undecided voters – discussing the issues in their local communities and asking them to put the Liberals last on Election Day.

Issues like local job creation, proper funding for health funding and Medicare, the introduction of Gonski and protecting penalty rates are what undecided voters in marginal electorates are really concerned about, and none of these appear to be on the Liberal Party’s agenda.

In fact, most of their policies and recent budget initiatives actively undermine these critical areas, leaving voters with a stark choice of options as they enter the polling booth on 2 July.

This week (9-15 May) is National Volunteers Week and the ACTU acknowledges the commitment and contribution of all volunteers – all of whom are young people giving up their time on a weekend to help a campaign that aims to build a better future for all Australians.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver:

“Sometimes local voters get left behind in the focus on Canberra political infighting and issues that matter to them are ignored.”

“We are speaking with thousands of people this weekend about what matters most to them in this election.”

“What we are hearing is that issues like local jobs, schools and hospital funding, and penalty rates will decide their vote – and that they are concerned that vital services are being cut in their communities.”

“We want to see Australians elect a government that will put their interests first, create jobs and fund health and education with revenue from a fair and equitable tax system.”

“It’s National Volunteers Week, and it’s especially encouraging to see so many young people giving up their weekends to help build a better future for all Australians.”

“Too often they are written off as uninterested or disengaged in our political process, but this sort of response shows how committed to our future they really are.”