The ACTU is launching an online tool for victims of criminal and unethical activities by the big banks to submit their stories, which will then be presented to the Banking Royal Commission.

The Commission, frustratingly, has not yet allowed for public submissions, nor has it launched any of the submission infrastructure that was available during the Trade Union Royal Commission, which included a fully-staffed call centre just 14 days after that commission was established.

The ACTU knows that the extent of banking malpractice means that the number of people wanting to make their voices heard will be significant, and we want to ensure that all complaints against out of control sectors of the banking sector are heard.

Quotes attributable to ACTU President Ged Kearney:

“The union movement is determined to ensure that all working people who have been exploited by the banks have their voices heard during the Banking Royal Commission.”

“The commission seems to be dragging its feet on allowing submissions, given that its deadline to report is only 9 months away. We are eager to do anything we can to enable more voices to be heard.”

“The commission should be given the full range of tools which have been made available to previous commissions.”

“To restrict this commission in any way will only confirm the suspicions of the Australian people that the Turnbull Government is more interested in protecting the banks than in ensuring that the system is fair for concerned Australians.”

“We encourage anyone who has been mistreated or ripped off by a bank to make use of this resource, and make sure that your voice is heard. It can be found at