The Reserve Bank of Australia has blown the whistle on a worsening insecure work crisis for women in its statement on monetary policy.

In the statement released Friday the bank says:

“There was a strong increase in the number of people with a second job (defined as jobs worked by people in addition to their first job) over 2018. These second jobs are around 7¼ per cent of total filled jobs in the economy. Secondary jobs are most often in the household services sector, such as the health care & social assistance and education industries, and in the administrative & support services industry. It is common for secondary jobs to be in the same industry as the first job. Less timely data suggest that secondary job holders are more likely to be female, in professional occupations, and receiving relatively low incomes from their first job.”

This comes after earlier research from the ABS revealed that there are now more than a million secondary jobs in Australia.

The Morrison Government and their workplace policies have ignored and damaged the interests of working women.

The ALP has announced policies that will see working women have more secure jobs, get fairer pay and better rights at work.

It’s time to change the rules so working women in Australia get a fair go.

Quotes attributable to ACTU President Michele O’Neil:

“Working women in Australia power our country through their paid and unpaid labour. They deserve to be treated fairly and equally.

“Today’s announcement from the RBA shows that the Morrison Government has failed to protect working women from the impact of work insecurity and that too many women are being forced to take second jobs to put food on the table.

“We are heading down the American road of insecure jobs and poverty pay levels.

“Changing the rules so people have more secure jobs and fair pay will help working women across the country get a fair go.”