ACTU Assistant Secretary Scott Connolly will today address the All-Energy Conference, making the case that any successful transition to future economy that preserves the integrity of our planet must put working people at its center, and cannot wait for action from the Morrison Government.

Working people, especially those in industries which are being directly affected by the rapidity of changes taking place across our globe, want certainty, about their jobs and the future of their communities.

The Morrison Government has made it clear that we cannot wait for action from the Federal Government to begin this process. Businesses can begin the work with unions and investors to transition and rebuild an Australian economy that will safeguard the jobs of Australian workers.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Assistant Secretary Scott Connolly:

“There is no question of the urgent need to act for workers to avoid the worst of the disruptive forces of climate, technology, population and power shifts that are sweeping our globe but that change cannot, and need not, be at the expense of Australian jobs.

“The refusal of the Morrison Government to engage with the process of beginning this transition is deeply disappointing but not surprising. We have the power to transform our economy without assistance from the Federal Government.

“Working people, business, investors and activists all have aligned interests here and can work together to ensure that Australia addresses these threats while also ensuring that our communities and industries have a future.

“The ACTU calls on concerned parties to stop waiting for action from the Morrison Government and join with us to be part of the solution.”