The ACTU is calling on the Government to rule out new laws that would stop the increase of the superannuation guarantee to 12 per cent.

Big businesses have called for the already legislated increase to be reversed despite employer associations contradicting their claims that the legislated increase would come out of wages.   

The Morrison Government has an obligation to resist the calls of the big business lobbyists who after years of record low wage growth now want to cut into the retirement savings of working people.

Any move against workers’ promised superannuation guarantee increase will be bitterly opposed by workers.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Assistant Secretary Scott Connolly

“It beggars belief that the representatives of the largest and most profitable companies in Australia would cry poor in an attempt to cut worker’s promised retirements.

“After years of opposing wage rises for working people and making every effort to undermine workers’ rights in Australia, bosses are now targeting the legislated increase to the superannuation guarantee.

“The very employers who’ve profiteered most from suppressing wages are now trying to get the Morrison Government to let them dig into the retirement savings of workers and pull out some more for themselves.

“The superannuation guarantee must increase to 12%, as already legislated and promised to the Australian people, in order for workers to have a dignified and adequate retirement. Workers’ have already lost tens of thousands due to the Morrison Government freeze on super increases, they must not be allowed to do it again. 

“Any attempt to change the timetable of increases will be bitterly opposed by workers.”