A new Treasury analysis reveals that productivity gains made by working people are not being compensated with fair pay rises shows that the balance has tipped too far in favour or employers.

To address this, Treasury suggest working people shift jobs more frequently. This suggestion would create more insecure work and decrease productivity.

A separate survey of 250 chief executives found 40 percent of companies planned to keep wages stagnant at 2 percent, below the already sluggish rate of wage growth.

Working people are suffering as a result of this wages crisis. They are struggling to meet basic costs of living with their expenses outstripping minimal pay rises.

A record number of people are working second and third jobs just to get by.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus

“This idea that the working people are to blame for employers refusing pay rises is obnoxious. 

The fact the only solution the Treasury can come up with is working people leaving their job shows how much they misunderstand the problem.

The reason we have a problem with low wage growth is because not enough people are members of their union and our workplace laws make it far too easy for employers just to say no to wage increases.

“Increasing the number of insecure jobs will exacerbate the problem. The Morrison Government need to stop their dangerous obsession with attacking unions and start accepting we have a structural problem of mismatched bargaining power.