When you're confronted with a health or safety issue at work, you don't have to deal with it alone.

Providing a healthy and safe workplace is the responsibility of the employer, but when an issue arises, it’s hard to know where to turn to.

The Speak Up campaign hopes to raise awareness amongst workers to ensure everyone understands their rights in the workplace.

For instance did you know

  • You have the right, protected by law, to elect your own health and safety representatives (HSRs), who are entitled to training to take up issues on behalf of their workmates
  • You have the right to establish an occupational health and safety committee/ designated work group (DWG) that will meet to discuss issues brought up by workers
  • You have the right to request that a representative represent you at OHS negotiations and meeting with employers
  • You have the right to refuse work that think could exposure you to serious risk

To find out more about becoming a HSR in your workplace have a look at the calendar / events page to find a course in your State or Territory