1. Introduction
  1. Our initial submission demonstrates that our claim in this Review is appropriate and accords with all the factors that the Panel must take into account.
  1. In this submission, we show that data released since 15 March 2019 indicate a further strengthening relative to the description of current economic conditions and the near-term economic outlook that we offered in our initial submission. 
  1. In this submission we also respond to a range of arguments and claims made in other parties’ initial submissions. We do not respond to all the arguments with which we disagree. We rely on our previous submissions in respect of arguments that have been adequately addressed in earlier Reviews, particularly where the Panel has expressed firm views about such arguments.
  1. This submission also includes our responses to the Questions on Notice published by the Panel.
  1. We express our interest in participating in the consultations to occur in Melbourne on 14 May, at which the Panel members will be able to seek our responses to any matters not addressed in this reply submission.