Executive Summary

Since its formation in 1927, the ACTU has been the peak trade union body in Australia.  There is no other national confederation representing unions.  For over 90 years, the ACTU has played the leading role in advocating for the improvement of employment conditions of employees.

The ACTU consists of affiliated unions and State and regional trades and labour councils.  There are currently 39 ACTU affiliates.  They have approximately 1.8 million members who are engaged across a broad spectrum of industries and occupations in the public and private sector. 

The ACTU believes that the Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia’s Economic Recovery) Bill 2020 should be rejected by Parliament unless it can be substantially amended to ensure there are no cuts to workers pay, conditions and rights, and working people’s jobs are more secure.   

This Bill, if enacted will cut the wages, conditions and rights of Australian workers. Working people have either been the essential workers supporting the country during the pandemic or have already suffered the most from the economic impacts of Covid19. Punishing them with cuts to their rights should not be acceptable to this Parliament.